Yellow world!

I am going to let the default title stand. Well, almost.

This is my first ever blog post. Never thought that it would be as soon as now but here we go. I’ve created this blog with the intention of posting more or less about football (Soccer for those who say color). Since this is my first post and also because my level as a blogger is still seriously amateur, let me not get carried away and make promises about the frequent deliveries, the keeping you up to date with the latest bit of jazz (at least as much as a blogger looking to make some serious dough should), the only “original” and never seen or going to be seen elsewhere kind of stuff and all that. Hold up, don’t switch this page just yet, you haven’t even gotten to the lip biting stuff.

I am doing this with the pure intention of sharing my insight about what according to me is one of the loveliest discoveries of life thus far. After almost two decades of playing, watching and to some extent managing I believe that I have absorbed a good deal of knowledge in regards with the sport. I will try and keep in line with football as much as I possibly can. Having said this, please don’t come looking for me if I show signs of deviation from my originally decided subject or worse if I say something you do not like. Wait, worse or better? I’m not a robot and neither is my brain going to cease expanding. I’m much more than only football, plus the name of the blog itself could signify more than just a sport, if you know what I mean.

Now, I’m not writing to impress you or to defy your fragile ego or to hurt any of your personal sentiments upon any subject. However, if you do feel the need to comment in regards with any of the content published here or even otherwise because of whatever big or small reason you have conjured up, please go ahead and do so, if you’re an argumentative type of person then so am I. Besides, this is the internet, where no one individual can dictate terms or wholly distinguish right from wrong; good from bad; devil from angel and so on and so forth. Wait, did I say that right? Oh yeah, and also because I do not have your hands in a god damned cuff.

Having said this, before you actually do decide to say something, use your brain first. If not, and you do manage to catch my attention (superficial non sense), then you will be among those who would have the privilege of learning from me as to why your life is as hollow as the uterus of an eighty year old virgin. I will happily (as much as required) label and ridicule your actions that obviously lead straight from your degeneracy. Or maybe even more. Furthermore, you may have to live the rest of your life believing that you are indeed an attention deficit worthless piece of shit who’s perpetually crying for cock, son of whose real name I will not take right now but, in terms of general terms, a plain and simple hoar, who obviously cannot contain the little m(f)aggot in his/her brain because you most likely have balls the size of, how can I put this generously? Oh yeah, Tomato seeds. Being a dip shite to a dip shite has its own thrill. So, do us both a solid and make a wiser decision Mr/Ms wise guy/girl.

* That devil face goes here*

Other than these half-hearted promises and statutory warnings, I promise to try and provide every reader with quality stuff to read and furthermore, discuss. My aim here is to promote real, humorous, sarcastic & intense discussions. Ones that you would literally keep the real world on hold for which in this present day and age is just so rare to find? Maybe a blind man would read this post before that actually happens. But yeah, I sincerely hope that you do enjoy coming across and reading stuff here, if not then go find something worth your while to read/do. I sincerely mean It. I’m a big fan of any situation that screams win-win. So go find something and win.

That’s pretty much all that I would like to say in my first ever attempt in contributing (?) to this virtual world of unlimited knowledge. If you’ve liked what you’ve read so far then stay tuned in for more (;

I’m going to stop with the banter now and hit publish and of course in turn officially deflower my status as a blogger, but, before that I’d like to end with a made from my brain quote.

“If you do not appreciate effort and hard work then the only people who are going to appreciate you are the ones that don’t. Be afraid of this or before you know it, afraid will be you.”


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  1. movetogetfit says:

    Great stuff expressing and converting what’s in your head into words!! Your have my attention blogger . (;


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