Bleeding Bad starring Arsenic Wenger

Not only those who witnessed the incredible moment first hand at The Bridge but everyone everywhere who managed to get a glimpse of it thought that their relationship was probably on its way to entering its soft phase. At least softer than what we’ve come across over the past decade so far, because, when you see the gaffers of Arsenal F.C. & Chelsea F.C. shake their hands instead of pushing each other around or ridiculing each other you’d probably feel the same too, that maybe things would better out from then on. But, as always with football, what started off with a mere hand shake ended up with at least one of them to go way further apart. What maybe could have turned into a sweet rivalry ended up turning into a bitter misery, at least for one. Well, it was still beautiful while it lasted.

To whom or to what shall we credit this ‘never seen before’ phase of their relationship? Was it because of Diego? Or was it because of Arsenes inability to keep his emotions in check (especially for the biggies)?, or was it the frustration in the players? Or was it the fact that the Gooners played this one away from home? Or is it just the drama that comes with this fixture by default? I don’t believe that there is a clear answer to this one yet, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the return leg at The Emirates. Though, one thing’s for certain, always remember to keep your own expectations in check before any game of football unless of course you enjoy the timely disappointment.


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