The return of Super Mario?

Mario Balotelli struck a wonder goal in last nights game against Udinese to give the Rossonerians an early lead in the game. He fired a free kick from thirty yards out which gave goalkeeper Karnezis no chance except to watch it sail into the net. Bonaventura and Zapata added to the tally by scoring one each which gave Milan a comfortable three goal advantage in the first half. The second half seemed like a mere formality for many, but, one cannot rule out Udinese and their fighting spirit when it comes to football. Though they didn’t equalise on the score sheet, they were still able to put on a fine display of energy and passion and rattled their opponents cage as they managed to scored two goals (Agyeman-Badu {51′} & Zapata {58′}) and were still in perpetual search of their third. It was a tough game for both sides as the clock crossed the hour mark and though the game was brilliant and highly competitive and definitely looked like it could swing either way, The Rossonerians somehow managed to hold their nerve and eventually did emerge victorious with all three points. This win brought Milan within three points of league leaders Internazionale.

Is this the beginning of the resurrection of Super Mario?  After having a horrific season with Liverpool, he’s got another shot with his dream club to show his fans (?) what he’s made up of. What’s he going to do this time around? Still too soon to comment upon. Though at least for today he’s in the headlines for his performance rather than for his antiques.

Watch and enjoy this magnifico blaster!


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