First of many for ze neu gaffer?

Liverpool F.C. beat Bournemouth F.C. one goal to nothing putting them through to the next round of the Capital One Cup, and in turn giving Jurgen Klopp his first taste of victory as a manager of the club. Since joining the  club on the 8th of October earlier this month, it has taken him close to twenty days and four matches to secure his first win.

Though the game was quite on an open end for both the teams, Klopps neu boys finally came through and saw them win the game one goal to nothing. Nathaniel Clyne the sole goal scorer of the game gave the Reds a goals advantage within the first eighteen minutes of the first half which in the end proved to be enough to knock their opponents out of the cup race.

Though its been a tough time for those involved with this club, the manager is still to lose a game with his new club. His first three games of course, came as draws and as things stand, he is still to register a win in the Premier League.

If you observe Liverpool F.C.s gameplay from last night, one might see on closer inspection the similarity in style of play with the boys in black and yellow in the German land. The kind of temperament, the holding & pressing, the style of attack. Of course Liverpool did not play their strongest squad, though still that had nothing to do with the style of football we witnessed on the pitch.

Could this really be the beginning of something big and promising at Anfield? Even if yes, will all this be enough when they come up against the high rollers of the league? Does he really have in him what it takes to bring to the scousers that what he has promised and that what hasn’t still come home?


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  1. CleanSheetSQ says:

    I think Klopp has great potential to be the Liverpool manager hopefully he can overhaul the big spenders and do what he did with Dortmund, spend little, win lots. Great article, you should follow my blog which is also football related.


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