Leicester City F.C. : The Foxes road to victory


Leicester City F.C. aka The Foxes are on the road to victory. In clearer words, they are on point to win the league this season and be crowned champions of England. As things stand, The Foxes have recorded their finest ever performance as a professional football club since the time of their inception roughly one hundred and eleven years ago.

Though in general Foxes are considered to be sly animals, these particular Foxes have been anything but sly. In fact, they’ve been loud. And bold. They’ve quite visibly destroyed teams. Their performances thus far have been razor sharp and full of intent. Intent of winners. (Intent of champions?).

After beating Everton on the weekend, The Foxes have quite ruthlessly claimed their spot as league leaders and are going to remain in the number one spot coming Christmas day (Which is today), which for any club is a big honour. It is also a very promising sign because most teams who lead the league on Christmas day go on to win the Premier League (Really? Win the league? Leicester City? Well, Liverpool couldn’t do it, but maybe Leicester?) or at least haven’t ever finished the season below the 6th position.

Well, it certainly is hard to predict what the future holds for any team that competes in the toughest league on the planet, let alone Leicester City F.C. Not a single soul who knows football well enough could ever have imagined of such a view as the current standings in the league (Current champions Chelsea only three points clear of the relegation zone and last seasons bottom most team now sailing on the top).

If someone has been asleep or has lived in a cave since August and has come back to life on Christmas day, he wouldn’t be able to believe his eyes, he might think that he has gone crazy or has lost his wits. For me, even Santa Claus is going to experience something close to a seizure when he comes down to England for his mandatory yearly duty and finds that The Foxes are leaders of the English Premier League. Perhaps it’s what someone who is eternally close to this club asked for as a present for this years holidays?

Nevertheless the fact remains that Leicester City F.C. are flying high on the top of the table and are perhaps really on their way to achieve what only a handful could have predicted was possible. (Or still is possible?)

Those who have followed their games so far would credit most of their success to the most destructive duo of the 2015-2016 season. Whether it phases you or not, you cannot deny the beauty of the performances that these two lads have been putting on. Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez. The two names that have swept almost every team off their feet with their mind boggling football.

One of the biggest highlights of the Leicester City season apart from them leading the table of course is the new record set by front man Jamie Vardy. His run of consecutive goals which broke the record of the previous best and ironically against the club whose player was the previous record holder (Ruud Van Nistelrooy for Manchester United). Van Nistelrooy’s streak was spread over two seasons, starting against Fulham on March 22, 2003 and ending against Newcastle on August 23, 2003, with eight goals coming in the 2002/03 campaign and two in 2003/04.

Jamie scored thirteen goals in eleven consecutive games to set an all time new Premier League record breaking the previous best which was ten goals in ten games.


The other half of the duo, Riyad Mahrez who was purchased by the club for a mere 400,000 euros is now being valued at 20+ million and is also being called the leagues current best player, way ahead of the likes of world class players like Eden  Hazard (previous seasons best), Alexis Sanchez, Sergio Aguero, David Silva and several others. He has been performing ballistically with insane statistics in departments of both goals and assists.

But, for me even this is not enough to weigh out the truth and reality of their current form, because for me it’s the performance of the entire team, a team led by a veteran of the game and former Chelsea man Claudio Ranieri who’s been able and able well to get the best out of his players.

The fitness level of the entire squad, the genius gameplay, the defensive resilience, the counter-attacking encounters, the overall persistence and perseverance, the positive and optimistic attitude, the determination and mindset before and after every game and last but certainly not the least, the humility. Most of these aspects are severely missing from some of the usually top performing and big clubs of the league but more than clearly shinning in the eyes of every person associated with Leicester City Football Club. 

The performances at the moment are sky high and it doesn’t look like it’s going to reduce any time soon. It is quite visible to anyone who has watched them pre, post and during their games and even though they are thoroughly enjoying themselves at the moment they haven’t let the glory get the better of them. For me they are like a humble brigade of superstars led by their even more humble coach.

Having beaten current champions Chelsea who took no time to sack their coach Jose Mourinho almost immediately after the loss, it has not only increased their chances of edging closer and closer to a top four finish at minimum, if not winning the league, but has also won the hearts of millions of football fans throughout the world (Leicester City playing Champions League football? I bet you saw this one coming).

The only team to have beaten them this season is Arsenal who are being considered title favourites this season after their victory over Manchester City on Monday night.

The Foxes had a very hectic schedule of games lined up in the month of December having already faced some of the giants of the game like Chelsea and Everton both of whom they have already beaten.

When everyone thought that their glory days would end and that they would start crumbling down and fall back to where they belong, to say the least, they have surpassed expectations of every fan and expert and are on their way towards creating history for themselves.

Having said this, their last game in 2015 is against the second favourites for the title this season, Manchester City, and having lost their game to Arsenal, the boys in blue definitely have something to prove.

So what’s the future of the club this season? Can they really hang on? Can they really do the unthinkable? The unimaginable? The unbelievable? It’s hard to determine the answer to that just yet because realistically were not even half way through the season. Though one things for certain, these lads have won the hearts of millions and if there are still people who haven’t decided on which BIG club they want to back just yet, they can easily opt for The Foxes, the underdoggies, who stand a mightier than a mighty chance.


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  1. Honestly, I don’t think their defensive record is that bad. For me, they’ve been solid at the back. And, having conceded ten goals in the last ten games they have also not failed to score in each of those games having won almost all of them. That statistic has got to speak for itself. @voltaire286


  2. voltaire286 says:

    Do you think Leicester’s poor defensive record will let them down?


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