Leicester City F.C. : The Foxes road to victory 2.0

Last night the Premier League was quite literally visually stunned, again. This was mainly due to two reasons. First, Manchester United finally looked to have controlled a game of football this year, and second, Jamie Vardys rejuvenating world class performance arguably producing one of the goals of the season to keep his team on the top of the table.
Though perhaps Van Gaal couldn’t have waited enough to read a few words of praise in the following days headlines, all his hopes were clearly sidelined when almost every paper showcased Jamie’s master class performance and with Leicester cruising on top yet again. The Foxes, this time quite slyly hunted Liverpool down at The Kind Power Stadium beating them two goals to nothing on a wonderful night of mid-week football, subsequently taking them to 50 points for the season where they now find themselves 3 points clear of the ever lurking Manchester City.
Last nights game was quite box to box, and also seemed to be in a fair degree of balance up until the first hour. Up until then a good number of people would’ve bet for a stale mate as neither side really produced any great chances on goal. But, as soon as the hour mark struck, Jamie Vardy with the help of his ‘favourite’ Leicester colleague Riyad Mahrez who produced a spot on long distance pass which allowed Vardy to perfectly position himself for the drive who went on to strike a wonder shot volleying the ball from 26m out around the edge of the box, straight over Simon Mignolet into the back of the net which, many have already decided for it to be the goal of the season.
No person on this here planet could’ve predicted that move. It almost came out of nowhere and there was nobody who could’ve stopped it. It will easily go down in one of his most memorable goals scored. Jamie also went to double Leicesters advantage 9 minutes later with a sublime bang in to the roof of the net having capitalised on the scramble that followed Okazakis shot. His two goals have now taken his goal tally to 18 for the season.
There is no doubt that Jamie Vardy is in the form of his life this season, and also none that last nights goal will remain in his memory book for ever and ever. It was in that moment, that very moment when the ball hit the net that forced a wave through everyone present there in that night and in the colour blue, a wave, of hope and belief. That it was possible. It is possible.
He was able to manage that moment of beauty perhaps during what can easily be considered as one of the most crucial periods in the history of the club. When it was most important for his club, his team mates, his coach, his friends, his family, the fans, himself. This goal was like a shout to all of them, a shout to believe, to believe in the dream, to come out in numbers and support the dream and to live the dream that they really are capable of bringing home the title this season together.
Last nights result was all the more important because of the table positions as Manchester City were up by a goal by the end of the first half and if it were to remain that way till the final whistle, it would’ve been Manchester City who would’ve gone on top.
In addition to that, they’re row of upcoming fixtures that they have lined up. They have to face Arsenal and Manchester City both games away from home, and which definitely rank highest in terms of importance for the title race because all three are in it to win it at the moment. If they manage to win or even restrict City and Arsenal to minimum points, there will be very few doubts left in terms of who can really be crowned champions for this lovely season of the Barclays Premier League.
Now again the question is can they do it? Two months ago they were in a very similar situation having had to face some of the top teams of the league, though they didnt disappoint anyone then, it’s almost a whole new story now. With more than half the season over, were already looking at some of the most worthy title contenders for this season. Most are going for any of the current top four, some more optimistic people are saying Manchester United could pull it off and some lesser in number but more far sighted people are saying Liverpool.
Though, Can this side repeat the performances that we’ve been seeing all through the beginning of the season? Or will they slack now that the season is peaking high like the sky? Or, will they continue to surprise everyone with more eye popping, mouth watering, ball dropping and mind boggling football? Who knows? Though one things for certain, #NoFuchsWereGiven
In the meantime, enjoy this great recap of the game made by Liubchenko FootballComps  😉 (Please click the link below to check out the video)

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