Leicester City F.C. : The Foxes road to victory 3.0

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Today, tomorrow and for many other days and nights to come, the Leicester City loyalists have new songs to sing for yet another man from their already prolific squad of individuals – Shinji Okazaki – who scored a stunning overhead kick goal which was enough to grab 3 vital points for the league leaders who beat Newcastle United 1-0, which in turn enabled them to yet again manage to hold their 5 point lead on top of the table.

He was assisted by Leicester’ very own Jamie Vardy in the first half on the 25th minute who headed the ball back into the centre of the box off a deflection which enabled the Japanese international to properly climb on to the ball and grip it with enough pace and accuracy straight in the back of the net leaving the Newcastle goalkeeper and players in shock.

If you don’t believe me, you are free to ask SAF who has recently stated that not only are Leicester City going to win the title, they’re going to do it with 3 games to spare. Now that’s some prediction ain’t it?

Last nights game was a toughie for both teams because both desperately wanted the 3 points. One battling to survive relegation and the other battling to lift the big prize.

It was also Rafa Benitez‘ first game in charge as the new (interim) manager for the club and naturally, expectations were high which was pretty clear in the first few minutes of the game itself.

Leicester City v Newcastle United - Premier League

Newcastle who have struggled for most part of the season were eagerly looking to get the best possible result from the draw, and the players put in a great deal of effort in to it too, but, unfortunately for them it was the team that in reality had everything to lose but played like they had nothing to lose that won that game last night. This was perhaps the biggest difference between the two teams.

This is actually turning in to some kind of a pattern. With the style of playing, the quality of performances by the players and their optimistic attitudes it is in deed extremely difficult for teams to keep them restricted or held for too long. They will attack and as has been happening, they will score, one way or another.  Though the best part is that now they’re picking up on how to take 3 points from a game even when they’re not in their ultimate best form. That’s what champions are made of(?)

Perhaps, Newcastle played a better game last night but it was Leicester who came out victorious with the 3 points. Rafa later said that he saw positives in the game and that they had to build upon some of those aspects in the coming future.


Leicester City are more or less through with their most of their tough fixtures but, in truth, every game from now on counts. This is the Premier League, the most unpredictable league in the world and if the most unpredictable league leaders are to win it, they’re going to have to give it their all in every aspect of every game no matter who the opponents are or what the circumstances are because at this stage, every team is battling it out in their utmost capacity for an advancement of some sort which means that  nobody is going to go down without a fight, not even Aston Villa who have actually had one of their worst seasons since their inception as a professional club.

In the past month or so, Leicester have somehow been able to scrape through with maximum points over a couple of times with the help of the 1-0 victories, but, if they’re still interested in winning the title, they’re going to have to definitely do more.

Some of the highlights of these 1-0 victories have been, a late winner by Leonardo Ollua in the 89th minute against Norwich City, another was a 56th minute winner only last week by ‘the main man of the league’, Riyad Mahrez who curled a beauty from outside the box against Watford to seal the game. And of course let’s not forget about the legendary Robert Huth who has also contributed in the same regard.

These wins are some of the most crucial ones and are coming at a very crucial time too, which, can definitely be considered as a strong point in terms of title hopes.

From my seat, it looks like a ‘so far so good’ kind of situation but, to win the title it certainly is going to take a little bit more. This is the period that will test and push to the furthest limits this teams will, and nerves, many can already see the nerves showing, from the players as well as the coach but if they manage to do what they’ve been doing thus far, ain’t nobody going to stop this power packed squad from seeing their dream run for glory through to the end.


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